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Do you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes when shopping online? At Spreetail, we believe that the best way to learn and grow is through doing. That is why we treat interns as critical members of our team. Our internship program allows you to get real life, hands-on experience, and work on influential projects that make a company-wide impact. We want our interns to be challenged and experience growth, but we want to learn from you too.

Benefits and Perks

You want more from your internship. We want more for you too.

Workshops & Trainings
You will take part in an intern-wide workshop called “Spreetail Connect” where you will be developed as a professional, take deep dives into our company/departments, and learn new technology/tools.
Real Life Experience
The work that you will do at Spreetail is meaningful and makes a lasting impact. You will work alongside our full-time team and take part in tasks and projects with them.
Networking Opportunities
We partner with the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development to connect us with local companies to provide networking opportunities. Throughout the summer, you will meet other interns through projects and activities.
In-Depth Onboarding
You’ll take a deep dive into each of our departments, learn about our history and vision, and take part in hands-on projects in order to be as prepared as possible to take on your new role.
Competitive Pay
We know the work that you’ll do is valuable, so we want to make sure you receive that value in return.
Community Impact Project
Bring your passion for social impact as you will collaborate with other interns to implement an initiative to make positive change in our communities.
Department Cross Training
We want to show you all aspects of our business and help you learn about the world of ecommerce.
Casual Dress
Come as you are. Wear what makes you most comfortable so you can focus on making a difference.
Professional & Personal Development
We’ll help you prepare for your future with resume reviews, weekly round-table discussions, and specialty skills trainings (ex: negotiation, efficient meetings, feedback techniques).
You will be paired with two mentors: one inside your department and one outside your department. They will provide you with feedback to help identify opportunities to improve and grow in your role and as a professional.
Social Events
Spreetail has organized events exclusively planned by interns for interns, as well as regular company outings for the team and our families.
Tech Tools & Equipment
We provide you with all of the technology and tools you need to level up your skills and be successful in your role.
Discount on Products
Enjoy a 20% discount on the products we sell.  
Donation Matching
We want you to contribute to causes that you feel revolutionize your community. Starting your first day, Spreetail will match up to $250 each calendar year toward any nonprofit cause you choose.  

Software and Technology

Spreetail's Software and Technology teams consist of Software Engineering, Product Management, UX Design, and IT. These teams cross-collaborate to build an all-encompassing and home-grown technology platform unrivaled in the ecommerce industry.

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The Finance department consists of the Business Finance, Corporate Finance, and Finance Initiatives teams. These teams are committed to providing timely, accurate, clear, and complete information. Their mission is to visualize our company’s financial goals and ensure Spreetail’s stability as we continue to focus on growth.

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Partnership Development

The Partnership Development team is focused on building the company’s pipeline by finding the best partners with the greatest products and growth potential. By outbound prospecting, relationship building, and on-boarding new vendors, this team aims is to place $1M in initial purchase orders with our net new partners each month.

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Spreetail’s Marketplace department is the link between our products and our customers. The team partners with ecommerce giants such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and eBay to deliver tens-of-thousands of online purchases daily to customers nationwide. Be a part of a team that drives millions of dollars of revenue while growing our existing business.

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People & Culture

Spreetail's People and Culture department works internally and externally to create a work environment where employees can thrive and do their best work. This includes hiring the best employees, training  and developing current employees, and creating a cohesive company brand.

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If I am an out-of-state student, how do I go about housing?
We partner with apartments in the Lincoln area and provide you with information on special rates and possible Spreetail roommates. If you are hired, let us know you'll need housing and we will provide you with the information you need to coordinate.

What are the dates of the internship program?
Our program starts on May 25, 2021 and wraps up on August 6, 2021.

What are the hours I am expected to work each week?
All interns are scheduled to work Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm (40 hours per week).

What makes me eligible to apply?
You must be enrolled in a post-secondary or university program with a graduation date of August 2021 or later to be eligible. Graduating before that? Click here for our full-time openings.

Will I get paid?
Yes! We work to ensure interns are paid competitively. Interns are paid hourly up to 40 hours per week and are not paid for weekends or holidays unless they work on those days. Hourly rates for each intern are determined based on education and work experience.

Where is this internship located?
All internships will take place in our Lincoln, NE office.

Are there opportunities for me to work full-time after an internship?
We will have conversations with you at the end of the program about what the future looks like for you.

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I had a great time working for Spreetail.
My team was collaborative, helpful, and conducted great team building sessions. Working for Spreetail helped me understand the ecommerce industry and I gained a clearer view of what it takes to be in the professional world. I achieved a new sense of professionalism, new technical skills, and developed great connections from my internship.
— Shreeya Vaitla, Software Engineer Intern
I want to express my sincere gratitude to all of the Accounting & Finance team members at Spreetail.
From my experience, I learned that the knowledge and skills I gained at school significantly helped me in the real business world. The internship also made me love accounting even more than before. I will continue doing my best in school and preparing for my next step.
— Yoobin Kim, Accounting Intern

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