March 19, 2020

Rev-A-Shelf Partnership

Quinn Small
March 19, 2020

Rev-A-Shelf Partnership

Quinn Small

Cole Meyer, Head of Outbound Partnership Development at Spreetail, has a knack for spotting strong brands. Brands with great leadership and a healthy focus on meeting their customer’s needs. Cole recognized Rev-A-Shelf as one of those brands when he first connected with Steve Jones, Director of Consumer Sales/Owner, in February 2019 at the Kitchen & Bath Industry show in Las Vegas – it was the beginning of a great partnership.  

Trust, transparency and respect have been the keys to a successful and mutually beneficial partnership, according to Rachel Rust, Spreetail’s Sr. Vendor Manager responsible for continuing to support Rev-A-Shelf’s growth.  

“We connected day one to align on what it would take to call this partnership successful. Steve and his team educated us on how we could best represent them and their vision for the future of Rev-A-Shelf. We graciously and respectfully took their insight and guidance to take their e-commerce business to the next level. Sharing our goals and visions made the alignment easy and the growth consistent.”

What makes Rev-A-Shelf a successful product line? Rachel says it’s their “Innovation, quality, and care.”

“Rev-A-Shelf offers whole home products that create the Kitchen and Closet of your dreams! They are continuously coming up with ideas to make already successful products even better and introducing products so innovative, customers can’t live without them! The quality speaks for itself, and the thousands of raving customer reviews do too. Their slogan says it all: Innovation through organization.”

So, what made this 40-year-old, multi-million-dollar success story walk away from their 1P business model to move to Spreetail’s platform? It was the advantage of our end-to-end partnerships made possible by our unique business model. As our Partnership Development team says, “we’re a unicorn in e-commerce.” We’re the perfect partner for brands like Rev-A-Shelf, providing them the support they need to grow their sales online, protect their brand across many channels, and easily scale their logistics to meet growing customer demands.  

However, don’t just take it from us – here’s Steve on how Spreetail has taken Rev-A-Shelf to the next level:

If you are a company that is currently selling on Amazon or trying to simply get some diversification in your sales channels, Spreetail is a company that can assist you. As a manufacturer ourselves we went the route like many other larger and smallercompanies and invested in resources to navigate multiple e-commerce platforms, dealt with the ever changing carousel of merchants and the yearly terms that seem to continue to ask for more and more. Multiply that times how many channels you manage, it simply can become counterproductive.

Spreetail has taken the task of dealing with all these e-commerce platforms, opened up 7 distribution facilities that are at your disposal to reach 98% of the US in 2-days or less. Not only can you still sell on Amazon, retain Prime status and reach other e-commerce sites that you may not have been able to do under your current structure. E-commerce is not going away and you can partner with a 3PL company to help with your logistics and/or partner with e-commerce company that helps to manage your sales channels or why not get one who does it both.

Top to bottom Spreetail has the entire package and continues to reinvest in their platforms and their work force. As a manufacturer ourselves, this allows us to concentrate on creating the necessary digital content, development and innovation of new products and to have a more comprehensive strategy in working with Spreetail. We are a 40 year old company and walked away from multi-millions in 1P business to move to Spreetail’s platform and haven’t looked back.

Steve Jones

Director of Consumer Sales/Owner
Rev-A-Shelf LLC


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Quinn Small

Head of Partner Experience and Marketing

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